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The Business News of 2013

2013 has been a year of consolidation overall and also the growth of long-standing projects into real business. The market is incredibly competitive but we continue to win business in niche markets and build on the higher volume projects already secured.
January Aluminium Cylinder Head Production Begins

In January the real start of aluminium cylinder head production began in earnest for an aerospace project over 10 years in discussion.


Daimler Account

The Daimler account continued to grow rapidly and we are producing many different engine components both raw and fully machined.

June Pre-heater Business
In June the pre-heater business finally went into production delivery mode after a period of over 8 years and the development of more business in this field is promising.
July Switch to Spain Increases Production Volumes
In July our French wood burning stove customer switched production to Spain seamlessly and production volumes have increased significantly.
September Production Ramp-Up of the Euro 6 Truck Exhaust System
September 2013 has seen the production ramp-up of the Euro 6 Truck exhaust system which had been slightly delayed. We now have secure volumes estimate going forward.
December Our new offices are starting to take shape
New Build