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The Business News of 2012

February Progetto Fuoco -- Team Expocet
All the team went and throughly enjoyed the number one Wood-burning Stove Progetto Fuoco Exhibition in the world and happily made their way to Verona, Italy between the 22nd and the 26th February.
Development Production of Complex Cylinder Head has begun -- Team Expocet
After seven years of development production commenced of a complex cylinder head for a light aircraft diesel engine.
April Euro 6 -- Team Expocet
New business won for truck exhaust systems (Euro 6) with SOP in 2013.
New Customer in Wood Burning Stove Industry -- Team Expocet
Fourth new customer in the wood burning stove industry secured.
May New and Significant Railway business in Germany -- Team Expocet
New and significant railway business in Germany.
July Jack Thomas Work Experience -- Team Expocet
Here is Jack at the Investment Foundry having the process explained in 2012.
Automotive Crank Shafts -- Team Expocet
After three years of development we are now in series production of Automotive Crank-Shafts.