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The Business Extra Curricular Activities of 2010

January Visit to China -- Martin Thomas, Managing Director
Our MD, Martin Thomas visited China at the end of January 2010 together with a German customer. The visit was a success and the local audit went very well. We look forward to the second audit towards the end of 2010 and the beginning of series production in March 2011.
February Fire & Wood-burning Stove Exhibition, in Verona -- Benjamin Dills
Ben Dills visited the Fire and Wood-burning Stove exhibition in Verona during February meeting many European manufacturers who showed great interest in our expertise in highly finished castings for doors and griddles. This has reaped good reward and we have a number of interesting enquiries currently.
June Eurosartory Defence Exhibition, in France -- Benjamin Dills
In June 2010 we will be exhibiting with our client at the Eurosartory Defence exhibition in France promoting our high integrity aluminium sand-castings.

Business News of 2010

September New Customers and Products Avaliable -- Steel Foundry & Iron Foundry Group
Expocet now has 3 new customers. Since September 2009 we now represent a Steel Foundry and Iron Foundry Group producing high integrity and complex castings up to 8 Tonnes.

In addition since the beginning of 2010 Expocet represents a specialist Iron Foundry in the West Midlands producing aesthetic parts for the domestic Stove and Fire Industry with a very high level of finish.
  • Martin went to Exporail in Russia in 2010.
    The audit was passed; we started production of that product in November 2011. On hold now.
  • We have all had a difficult time during the last 18 months with the onset and then deepening of the recession. We are now seeing a greater manufacturing activity and new projects beginning to emerge in most areas of industry we supply.
  • Expocet has been instrumental in winning new projects for cast products in the Railway, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense industries covering complex iron and aluminium sand-castings and also safety critical steel investment castings.
  • Our business continues to grow within the Automotive Industry with new business in Pre-heaters and the Truck Market. The continuing strength of the Euro against the GBP strengthens our competitive edge.