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The Business Extra Curricular Activities of 2007

November Visit to the USA and Canada -- Expocet Team
November 2007 heralded a set of new opportunities within the Railway Industry in the USA.

Martin arranged a "whirlwind" trip over 5 days.

Despite horrendous weather conditions and an errant SatNav (arriving at one hotel stop at 1.45am!!) our intrepid travellers Andy and Martin enjoyed both the trip and the success in bringing back meaningful enquiries and major new business.

Business Achievements of 2007

  • We have won our first orders (from Germany) for hot stampings!
  • We all continue to suffer the extreme and in many ways unnecessary energy price increases in the UK – we all look forward to a potential softening in the market! Despite this Expocet continues to win new business and search for new opportunities for our UK customer base in Europe. 2007 is proving to be another successful year despite these external factors.
  • Business levels with Daimler AG have grown significantly in 2007 and are set to expand even further in the coming 12 months.
  • Our involvement with a leading EGR manufacturer continues to expand. It is pleasing to know that Expocet will contribute in a small way to the reduction of the Automotive Industry "footprint".
  • A wonderfully positive sign from one of our clients is their decision to invest a huge €17 Million in new plant and equipment!!! A new horizontal foundry will be opened, which will increase our capacity by over 30% and secure new jobs for an additional 80 people. This is an indication of the continuing success and commitment of this foundry producing all grades of SG, Grey Iron and ADI. The new plant will cover every aspect of manufacture from casting (mould size 750 x 550 x 225/225) and processing.
    In addition to this, our machine shop is expanding significantly with a second site opening during 2008 with further investment in new machining equipment. It is a challenge we at Expocet relish to bring in new business to this world-class foundry which offers a service second to none!
  • Over the last 12 months a decision was made to upgrade the manual pouring to a 2 Tonne Autopour facility. This investment will involve the installation of a fully automatic, indexing pouring track with mould loading/supporting facility, samples/testing area, automatic tip out into cooling drum and onto segregation/running system removal area.
    In addition 2 new automatic core machines with larger platten size to increase flexibility and efficiency will be installed. In this time of continuing difficulty within the West European Foundry Industry it is refreshing to find a very successful British foundry investing heavily in their future!!
    These investments offer significant improvements in our ability to improve our quality of service in particular the consistency of our iron and our competitiveness.