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The Business Ventures of 2006

May to June Visit to China -- Martin Thomas, Managing Director
你好 (Pronounced 'Ni-hao', meaning 'Hello')!

May and June saw the exciting visits to China by our MD Martin Thomas.

Our Chinese partner welcomed Martin and colleagues with a large banquet and traditional Chinese entertainers.

The trip turned out to be a great success - although Martin hasn't quite got the hang of the Chinese language yet!!

Business Achievements of 2006

  • There has been a large development of high volume business for the Automotive Market during 2006 and we look forward to the start of 5 major projects beginning in the first quarter of 2007.
  • We have won our first major business in Hungary. The initial contact came through our website (Thanks Tailor-Made!!!). Looks like dusting off the Hungarian dictionary.
  • We are now a valued supplier to DaimlerChrysler Trucks in Mannheim!! Business levels are now set to build more quickly during 2007.
  • We are pleased to be representing a new customer for hot pressings and we have had good success in generating a large number of enquires in this difficult and competitive market.
  • We have a high security lock on test in Germany and have made presentations in France with a high level of interest in the medium and long-term.