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Staffing News

Our Staff are very important to us (and you).
The company thrives on a loyal, competent team of people who are good at what they do!
This page is dedicated to Staff past and present.
July 2016 Jack Thomas

We would like to say goodbye to Jack Thomas after he decided the Export of castings was not for him!
We would like to wish Jack all the best for the future and much success for his studies of Networking and IT Support at a college in Birmingham starting in September 2016.

May and June 2016

Emmi Fisher and Cecilia Torres

We would like to give a warm welcome to our newest staff members Emmi Fisher and Cecilia Torres.

Emmi is working on organising the administration more effectively and is carrying out long overdue analysis of the type of work we are winning in Europe and elsewhere.

Cecilia is concentrating on building up our contacts in Spain and Italy.

August 2013 Francesca Ciampo

Goodbye Francesca!

It was with sadness that we said goodbye to Francesca Ciampo at the end of July!

Francesca has been a great asset to EXPOCET with her hard work and great sense of humour! She will be greatly missed but we wish her well in her new life in Leicestershire and hope very much she will keep in touch with us.

As a company we have decided not to replace Francesca at this point in time and instead concentrate on the leads she was developing in France and Italy and on the core successes we continue to have in sales.

April 2009 Frances Tonks
Yes, Fran has returned after an absence of 3 months.

What is that saying about a bad penny....!?

We are very glad to have her back organising us.

We missed her a lot and it is great to experience great tea again too!!!
December 2008 Frances Tonks
Sad Goodbye - Frances Tonks (Fran), known by all for her friendliness and warmth, has finally hung up her computer and phone and retired at the end of December 2008.

We will miss her greatly and hope she will keep in touch very often. Fran started as an employee at Expocet over 7 years ago but is now simply a friend! She has given great service over these years and we all wish her well in her retirement.

Our best wishes go to her husband Malcolm and her son Phil as well as to her elderly parents with whom she will now be able to spend more time. Thank you Fran for all you have done here at Expocet!

We look forward to your cartoon montage of life at Expocet shortly!!!
July 2008 Benjamin Dills
Ben joined us here at Expocet in February this year as previously reported and is settling in well after his intensive training programme. He has spent time at each of our customers' sites and has really got "hands on" with some of the processes.

We would like to thank all our customers for the time spent with Ben over the last few months during his training period.

We are already seeing some great results from his work in a relatively short space of time.

Also a new experience for Ben was visiting a manufacturing exhibition in February with Fran.

The large halls and exhibitors of the Leipzig manufacturing exhibition were most impressive.

The visit to the DRUPA Exhibition in Düsseldorf also provided some new potential customer leads.

Ben continues to rapidly gain knowledge of the industries we are involved in.

We also wish Ben and Laure every blessing for their forthcoming wedding in October!!!!
January 2008 Benjamin Dills
Expocet welcomes Benjamin Dills who will begin working at Expocet in February.

Having gained a degree in European Business Law and International Management in Germany, Ben is ready to launch into his new career and make a huge life change by moving to the UK.

Fluent in German (no surprise there!), English and with an excellent working knowledge of French, we are confident that Ben will prove to be a major asset to Expocet and our customer base both in this country and abroad.

He will start an intensive training programme at our customers' sites in the middle of February 2008.
December 2007 Amöne Jovetic
We have had to wave goodbye to Amöne Jovetic who left us just before the 2007 Christmas holidays and we would like to wish her all the best for the future.
July 2007 Marc Cottrell
It is with a lot of sadness that we say goodbye to Marc Cottrell during July.

He has been an outstanding member of the Team and a continuous source of laughter and fun in our office. We will miss him greatly. Hopefully we will keep in contact and he will support us on an ad hoc basis in the future.

We wish him every success in his continuing career within Education
Amöne Jovetic
We welcome Amöne Jovetic to Expocet.

Amöne has a high level of experience within the Sales environment and speaks fluent German and English and has a good level of French.

Amöne was selected from a large number of candidates who were all of a very high calibre and we are sure she will become a huge asset to Expocet, to our customer base in the UK and our customers abroad.

She will start an intensive training programme at our customers' sites from the middle of July 2007.
December 2006 Marc Cottrell
Marc Cottrell settles in as a valuable member of the team and still gets to make the tea!

His own choice of drink (Wilk or Red Bush) is not Martin's favourite!!

Marc concentrates on the Spanish and French markets and has obtained new "hydraulic" business in France this year.